Bento Delivery

We deliver Japanese BENTO box

  • Taxes, delivery fee and gratuity are not included in the prices below.

Please email us your request or more details :

Delivery Fee

Onigiri ,Karaage Bento $13

Rice Ball &Fried Chicken

Unagi Makunouchi Bento $19.50

BBQ Eel Over Rice w/Japanese OKAZU Stuffs

Pork Tare Hire Katsu Don $14

Seasoned Tender Loin Pork Katsu over rice

Omu Rice w/Katsu $14

Fluffy Omelette over Ketchup based Rice w/ Pork Katsu or Karaage or Cream croquette.

Saba Bento $14

Broiled Saba Mackerel w/ OKAZU stuffs

Tori Nanban Bento $14

Fried Chicken w/ Special Tartar sauce & OkAZU stuffs

Salmon Miso Bento $14

Grilled Salted Salmon or Miso Marinated Salmon & OKAZU Stuffs

Katsu Curry Rice $14

Pork Katsu or Chicken karaage with Curry & Rice

Tenzaru Soba $15

Cold Soba(Buck Wheat Noodle) w/ assotd Tempura

Beef Sutamina Bento $16

Sauteed Beef & beans sprouts w/ OKAZU stuffs

Chicken Karaage Bento $13

Japanese Fried chicken w/OKAZU stuffs

Hoyashi Bukkake Udon $14

Cold Udon Noodle w/ beef & Vegetables on

We can accept any your BENTO order what you want to eat. please ask us your request.

Ex: Chicken teriyaki, Tonkatsu, Bowls, Noodles or combination Bento.